Novo Nordisk symposia at ATTD 2022

Novo Nordisk symposia at ATTD 2022

As part of Novo Nordisk’s ongoing commitment to driving change in diabetes care it will host two symposia at the congress and provide the opportunity to present, review and discuss the latest innovations to help improve outcomes for people living with diabetes.

Treatment and technology together: improving management of type 2 diabetes with a once-weekly insulin

This symposium focuses on new treatment options and technologies for individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D). In this exciting 80-minute session chaired by Dr Julia Mader, the expert faculty will dive into how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and once-weekly insulins, technology and treatment united, can address current unmet needs in the management of  T2D. Professor Richard Bergenstal will start by discussing evidence and guidelines for use of CGM in clinical trials and day-to-day management of T2D. Dr Mader will introduce once-weekly insulins and present efficacy and safety data and post hoc CGM data from the insulin icodec phase 2 trials. Finally, Professor Christophe De Block will put the data into clinical context by discussing how CGM and once-weekly insulins can impact future clinical trials, day-to-day clinical practice and patient management. Between plenary sessions, there will be interactive discussions between the experts about future perspectives, such as the insulin icodec Phase 3 programme ONWARDS, and the experts will answer audience questions. The symposium will take place on Thursday 28 April @ 16.40–18.00 CEST.

Watch the video below featuring the symposium Chair, Julia Mader, for a brief teaser of what you can look forward to at the symposium.

A digital dawn for diabetes: how data can transform patient care

During this symposium we will discuss the huge potential for digital health, and with the help of patient insights specifically focus on smart pen technology, in helping overcome challenges for patients and HCPs in achieving good glycaemic control. The Chair, Søren Smed Østergaard (Novo Nordisk), will lead us through an exciting programme of scientific presentations followed by expert panel discussions (including Dr Markus Menzen) to help frame the scientific data in a clinical and real world context with the opportunity for questions from the audience. To begin, Professor Richard Bergenstal will overview barriers to glycaemic control and introduce some of the potential digital health solutions such as smart pen technology followed by the first panel discussion. After, Professor Bergenstal will continue by examining the clinical evidence for the use of smart pens focusing on data on time-in-range and insulin treatment adherence before the second panel discussion looking at the realities of managing diabetes with aid of smart pen technology. Finally, Dr Peter Adolfsson will look into the future to examine how digital health and the increased availability of patient data could help drive a more personalised approach to care. The symposium will close with a panel discussion reflecting on the future of digital health and the opportunities to help improve outcomes for people with diabetes. The symposium will take place on Friday 29 April @ 10.30–12.00 CEST.

Watch the video below featuring the symposium Faculty, Richard Bergenstal and Peter Adolfsson, for a brief teaser of what you can look forward to at the symposium.

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