Tech Fair Presentations Timetable

Tech Fair Presentations Timetable

The ATTD 2022 International Diabetes Tech Fair

Groundbreaking inventions – combining the latest technology, diabetes research and science, to create innovative products and services that save lives.

Explore the full timetable below and check out the profiles of last year’s presenting companies here.

Company Name Date Time Location Session Details
AMF Medical SA Thursday, 28th April 10:00 – 10:10 Exhibition Area Click here
Omnia APS Thursday, 28th April 10:10 – 10:20 Exhibition Area Click here 
Capillary Biomedical, Inc. Thursday, 28th April 10:20 – 10:30 Exhibition Area Click here 
Diabeloop SA Thursday, 28th April 12:10 – 12:20 Exhibition Area Click here
Digital Diabetes Analytics Sweden AB Thursday, 28th April 12:20 – 12:30 Exhibition Area Click here
GluCare Health Thursday, 28th April 12:30 – 12:40 Exhibition Area Click here
LEVICURE LTD. Thursday, 28th April 12:40 – 12:50 Exhibition Area Click here
Integrated Medical Sensors Inc. Thursday, 28th April 14:30 – 14:40 Exhibition Area Click here
Lumen Thursday, 28th April 14:40 – 14:50 Exhibition Area Click here
Panda Insight Thursday, 28th April 14:50 – 15:00 Exhibition Area Click here
PharmaSens AG Friday, 29th April 10:00 – 10:10 Exhibition Area Click here
Undermyfork Friday, 29th April 10:10 – 10:20 Exhibition Area Click here
PVR med d.o.o. Friday, 29th April 10:20 – 10:30 Exhibition Area Click here
Sensotrend Friday, 29th April 12:10 – 12:20 Exhibition Area Click here
SNAQ Friday, 29th April 12:20 -12:30 Exhibition Area Click here
PKvitality Friday, 29th April  12:30 -12:40 Exhibition Area Click here CIC Friday, 29th April 12:40 – 12:50 Exhibition Area Click here
uMotif Friday, 29th April 14:30 – 14:40 Exhibition Area Click here
Hedia Friday, 29th April 14:40 – 14:50 Exhibition Area Click here
DiappyMed Friday, 29th April 14:50 – 15:00 Exhibition Area Click here
Insulcloud S.L. Saturday, 30th April 10:40 – 10:50 Exhibition Area Click here
HEALTH TRAINING LAB SL Saturday, 30th April 10:50 – 11:00 Exhibition Area Click here
Nammu Saturday, 30th April 12:40 – 12:50 Exhibition Area Click here
Sweetch Health Saturday, 30th April 12:50 – 13:00 Exhibition Area Click here

Supported by:

AMF Medical SA

Chemin de la Dent d’Oche 1A
Booth #: Tech Fair 28

SNAQ supports people living with diabetes to take the guesswork out of mealtime decisions. The award-winning app helps to count the carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals. SNAQ connects to many popular glucose sensors and can share meal data with other apps.

Capillary Biomedical, Inc.

2 Wrigley st, suite 100
Booth #: Tech Fair 33

Diabeloop SA

Diabeloop SA
Booth #: Tech Fair 34

Diabeloop is furthering scientific advances with interoperable self-learning algorithm solutions for diabetes management. Our mission: Making innovation accessible to people living with diabetes: improving clinical results while relieving them of their constant mental burden. DBLG1® System, Diabeloop’s first medical device, is a personalized hybrid closed-loop for Type 1 diabetes management with, at its core, a self-learning algorithm hosted in a dedicated handset that automates and personalizes insulin delivery thanks to artificial intelligence. This solution connects a : DBLG1 handset, that embeds our state-of-the-art algorithm, a CGM, an insulin pump. DBLG1, Diabeloop’s first medical device, is commercially available in several European countries with different partners. For Diabeloop, interoperability is key to offer more opportunities and choices to people living with diabetes.


700 avenue du Pic Saint Loup
Booth #: Tech Fair 26F

DiappyMed develops a smartphone app for smart insulin dosing. The app uses artificial intelligences to calculate personalised insulin dosing for each patient according to its food intakes and physical activities allowing better glycaemic control. First clinical results show significant improvement in glycaemic control when using the app and high patient satisfaction.

Digital Diabetes Analytics Sweden AB

Fogdevreten 2A
Booth #: Tech Fair 38

Digital Diabetes Analytics aims to radically improve diabetes care by analyzing data from CGMs using AI and Machine Learning.  DDAnalytics has CE-marked services for healthcare providers and persons with diabetes. Key features for clinics are automated analysis of all patients CGM data, and a way to prioritize patients based on their individual needs.  Data and analysis are available before the meeting with the patient.  This means significant time savings and quality improvements in planning and providing the care. For persons with diabetes, the mobile app OneTwo is a digital companion supporting and helping to improve their diabetes decisions on a weekly basis.

GluCare Health

268, Al Wasl Road
United Arab Emirates
Booth #: Tech Fair 32

GluCare is the region’s first healthcare provider to empower clinicians and patients through Remote Continuous Data Monitoring, an innovative and highly personalized ‘continuous healthcare’ approach that provides a comprehensive and real-time view of patients. The early adoption of Digital Therapeutics (DTx), wearable/IoT technology, artificial intelligence, unique in-clinic workflows, combined with a connected expert care team, allows GluCare to reinvent diabetes care and, in the process, dramatically improve diabetic patients’ outcomes and lives. CIC

PO BOX 10825, (104 Clover Way)
Booth #: Tech Fair 40 is an innovative not-for-profit medical education company. Overcoming barriers to self-management of medical conditions, our expertise finds solutions by combining technology, education, training, and medical expertise.  We create engaging educational videos, resources, and training for health care professionals to assist patients to understand their diagnosis more effectively and efficiently. aims to ensure every child diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes has access to high-quality and effective education through a Social Enterprise. This is delivered as Deapp, pronounced “Deep”, the Diabetes Education Application.  Deapp Education is used by Children/ young people and their parents in 67 UK specialist pediatric Diabetes. Over 1,500 patients trained, 15,000 downloads of our app, and over 500 current active patients.


Pedro Atarrabia, 17 bajo
Villava (Navarra)
Booth #: Tech Fair 26E

Health Training Lab SL is a company based in Pamplona, Spain, which develops digital solutions for diabetes and other chronic diseases. Sendo Diabetes is a comprehensive, intelligent, personalized Diabetes Coach. We built it after years of improving the lifestyle of millions of people in the wellness and fitness industry. The AI-powered App offers Nutrition and Physical Activity planning, and Stress & Sleep management. It also provides an experienced advisory team (doctors, nutritionists, and trainers). Sendo Diabetes transforms Diabetes management by coaching patients and generating valuable data for doctors, allowing personalizing programs and treatments to the highest level.

Insulcloud S.L.

Avenida de Manoteras 38, C-411
Booth #: Tech Fair 26B

José Luis Lopez, CEO of Insulcloud, and his sister have suffered with diabetes for the last 20 years. As a patient, he experienced firsthand the difficulties of keeping track of glucose levels, insulin injections, and other factors such as food intake and exercise that are important to having well controlled glucose levels and a low HbA1c. He along with the Insulcloud team decided to develop a system to facilitate compliance, treatment adherence, glucose control and optimize patient care while lowering the cost of care. Insulcloud was founded with a focus on developing a comprehensive and highly differentiated system, INSULCLOUD 360 SYSTEM, and bringing it to market globally.

Integrated Medical Sensors

30 Hughes
Booth #: Tech Fair 35

Integrated Medical Sensors (IMS Inc.) was started in 2015 based upon years of research work done at Caltech by its co-founders. IMS has developed the world’s smallest (smaller than half a sesame seed) continuous glucose monitor (CGM) inspired by the personal inspirations of its co-founders. IMS has a unique approach of using semiconductor devices to develop the CGM, thus leveraging trillions of dollars spent on perfecting the modern semiconductor technologies. This has enabled IMS to develop a user-friendly, scalable, and viable design. The IMS technology improves the accuracy, response speed, and reliability of CGM, thus making it suitable for Artificial Pancreas as well as for personalization of diabetes management. IMS is supported by funding from the NSF, NIH, and JDRF.


Mania Shohat Str 10
Rishon Le Ziyon
Booth #: Tech Fair 29

Levicure Ltd. is an Israeli start-up that aims to provide an effective oral treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) with patented IP consisting of a combination of three FDA approved drugs. Our therapy is able to facilitate remission of T1DM through restoring own insulin production, stabilizing blood glucose levels, promoting own insulin production and significantly decreasing exogenous insulin demands, in many cases achieving complete insulin withdrawal in humans. Our goal is to provide patients suffering from T1DM with a safe, affordable and effective, non-invasive, orally administered therapy that will facilitate remission, minimize complications and immeasurably improve quality of life.


Haarbaa 30
Tel Aviv
Booth #: Virtual booth only

Lumen is the world’s first handheld, peer-reviewed portable device, and app that measures your metabolism in real-time with just your breath, giving an unprecedented insight into how efficiently your body uses fats and carbs for fuel. Lumen works by measuring your body’s carbon dioxide concentration by breathing into a handheld device. It provides you personalized nutrition plan and insights on when and what to eat in order to improve your metabolic flexibility. Lumen has been proven to help improve the health of pre-diabetic patients by lowering their body weight, glucose, and HbA1c levels.


Booth #: Tech Fair 31

OMNIA is an artificial pancreas system, which helps people to stay in safe glucose range and avoid any complications associated with diabetes.  It’s an app built with unique neural network powered algorithm with very easy setup process and configuration.  With OMNIA its very easy to achieve more than 70% TiR* and make life with diabetes much more easier.


6 place d’armes
Carouge GE
Booth #: Tech Fair 30

Nammu Software Development Company creates real-time monitoring solutions for patients.   Diabetes management is difficult. Patients must perform complex tasks while trying to live a normal life. Physicians do not have access to real-world data enabling them to treat patients as they wish. Helpers and relatives do not have easy access to reliable and understandable data.  Nammu presents the digital platform DIABMATE. Patients can easily register blood sugar levels, insulin intakes, meals, activities, and moods. The medical staff retrieves the real-time information they need for their meetings with patients. Helpers authorized by the patient receive specific data.

PANACEA diabetech

Calle Villarroel, 177
Booth #: 25A

PANACEA diabetech is a company expert on artificial intelligence and control algorithms for MDI users. After more than 15 years researching on artificial pancreas, the partners have decided to set-up a spin-off company and are willing to find the right partner/partners to finish the developments and trials to implement its technology (1+1 years).

Panda Insight

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
Booth #: Tech Fair 37

A “One Size Fits All Approach” doesn’t work with Diabetes. Our platform provides personalized and contextual real-time advice based on AI to improve glycaemic control and mental well-being. Our new app PanDia shows you how stress affects your blood-sugar. Visit us at and continue the conversation.

Perikinetics Inc

101 Mississippi Street
San Francisco
Booth #: 34A

Perikinetics is a U.S. based startup developing the Perikinetic Insulin Delivery Conduit (IDC) to provide insulin infusion into the  intraperitoneal  cavity. The Perikinetics IDC is a pre-clinical tested system comprised of a port implanted in the subcutaneous space, an external infusion set, infusion set inserter, and targeting aid. The PK IDC facilitates the delivery of regular low-cost insulin into the intraperitoneal (IP) cavity for those living with T1D to improve glycemic control. Two commercial IP insulin delivery systems, only approved in Europe, have shown significant improvement in the disease management of T1D for many patients due to the improved kinetics and physiological delivery route directly to the liver. Perikinetics plans to expand the platform worldwide.

PharmaSens AG

Aarbergstrasse 46
Booth #: Tech Fair 26A

PharmaSens AG is a privately held Swiss company holding key knowhow and IP within continuous glucose monitoring and insulin delivery systems. We are a cross-functional team with more than 150 years of experience in development and launch of various insulin pumps and sensor devices. We are developing a portfolio of three insulin pumps, all based on the same technology, to meet the wide variety of user needs. The first product is a basal / bolus patch pump without a remote control and the third will be the world’s first insulin patch pump with an integrated continuous glucose sensor.


Booth #: Tech Fair 36

PKvitality is an innovative French scaleup specialized in bio-wearable devices. It is developing K’Watch Glucose, a revolutionary Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system in the form of a smartwatch, accompanied by a consumable patch with microneedles. The clinical studies have begun at AMCR Institute, a worldwide renowned clinical research center. K’Watch Glucose will solve the main CGM issues by providing a painless, gentle, discreet, affordable, and strong adhesive solution. PKvitality is funded by Bpifrance and EIC accelerator, accelerated by Dassault Systèmes, and Future4care, and winner of multiple awards, including Best of CES, EIT health Catapult, and the Healthcare Innovation World Cup.

PVR med d.o.o.

Obrtna ulica 24
Booth #: Tech Fair 39

PVR med d.o.o. developed a CE marked and patented medical device that addresses peripheral arterial disease in patients with diabetic foot ulcer in order to achieve faster healing time and prevention.


Tampellan esplanadi 19 A 55
Booth #: Tech Fair 41

Sensotrend enriches data from glucose measurements and insulin use with information from wellness apps and gadgets. We also specialize in integrations to Electronic Health Record systems. Our Nightscout Connect service brings all the information from the Nightscout systems of your patients to your desktop – with a single click!


Ruchackerweg 10
Booth #: Tech Fair 25

SNAQ supports people living with diabetes to take the guesswork out of mealtime decisions. The award-winning app helps to count the carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals. SNAQ connects to many popular glucose sensors and can share meal data with other apps.

Sweetch Health

5 Jabotisky St.
Ramat Gan
Booth #: Tech Fair 26C

Sweetch is the first behavioral science company to leverage AI and Emotional Intelligence, enabling pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, payers, and providers to build continuous relationships and engage with every individual patient with chronic conditions, at scale. Sweetch provides a clinically-validated digital therapeutics platform that moves individuals to achieve micro-goals with hyper-personalized recommendations in the right time, tone, and real-world context every step of the way throughout their health journey. Analyzing every user’s personality, behavior, and context, Sweetch’s proprietary algorithms identify the individual’s compliance patterns and continuously adapt recommendations, leading to significantly improved adherence to treatment programs and long-lasting health outcomes.


12th Floor, WeWork, 10 York Road
Booth #: Tech Fair 26D

uMotif’s mission is to put patients at the centre of clinical research. Designed with patients for patients, the uMotif patient-centric eClinical platform powers site-based to fully decentralised clinical, real-world, and post-marketing research. By engaging patients and healthcare professionals, uMotif is trusted by global pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs, and academic institutions to capture eConsent and large volumes of ePRO, symptom, and wearable device data.


111 Pier Avenue Suite 100
Hermosa Beach
CA 90524
Booth #: Tech Fair 27

Undermyfork is an app that helps people with diabetes improve their time-in-range, and a platform for HCPs to access patients’ data. The app combines glucose data from CGM with meal photos, and classifies meals according to postprandial time-in-range. The app makes it easy for people with diabetes keep track of their nutrition, learn their personal glycemic response to their everyday meals, and make informed choices on what to eat to maintain their targets for blood glucose.

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