Speaker Trailers & Session Topics

Speaker Trailers & Session Topics

Watch these preview trailers from our world-known speakers on what’s to come at ATTD 2021

 A program full of novelties is prepared for this year’s ATTD Conference. Our Chairs and Speakers welcome you and reveal what is coming!

Prof. Tadej Battelino – Conference Chair

Prof. Moshe Phillip – Conference Chair

Are you curious to learn more about the ATTD speakers and their lectures? Take a look at the speaker trailers to give you a first glance of what you can expect from the different sessions, which topics will be addressed, and why those topics are important not to miss!

Prof. Katharine Barnard – Kelly
The Human Factors chapter of the ATTD Yearbook.
 Dr Lori Laffel
Telemedicine For Routine Follow up
Prof. Satish Garg
Type 1 Diabetes, New Onsets and TDK Through Telehealth During COVID-19
Dr. Irl Hirsch
Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Diabetes
Dr. David Maahs
4T Study on Newly Diagnosed T1D Pediatric Patients
Dr. Jay Skyler
Updates on T2D Trials and Immunotherapy For T1D
Laurel Messer
Best Practices for Onboarding and Follow-Up – Automated Insulin Delivery
Dr. Irl Hirsch
Managing Diabetes Emergencies in the Digital World
Dr. Lori Laffel
Patients’ Preferences on Automated Insulin Delivery
Prof. Stephanie Amiel
Hollywood, Blood Glucose and Rational Thinking
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